Pain Management

San Bernardino Medical Group’s Pain Management Goal and Guidelines for Prescribing Pain Medicine

Goal: To reduce pain and promote functionality. Pain cannot always be fully removed. However, we will work with you to help you cope better, avoid addiction and negative side effects, and to make positive gains whenever possible.

  • EVERY patient using pain medication on a chronic or long term basis is required to complete a “Pain Management Contract” before any pain medication can be prescribed.


  • NEW PATIENTS requesting pain medication for pre-existing problems with pain must complete a Urine Drug Screen test before any pain medication will be prescribed.


  • California’s Department of Justice requires doctors to access the Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System (CURES) system for a Patient Activity Report (PAR) before ordering any opioids. The PAR report lists by date the “controlled substances” that have been ordered, the name and quantity of the medication prescribed and the name of the prescribing doctor.


  • As outlined in the Pain Management Contract, patients receiving pain medication will be asked to submit to random drug tests.


  • Patients taking 3 or more pain medications at one time will be required to gradually reduce to 2 or less.


  • Soma (carisoprodol) is rarely prescribed by the physicians of San Bernardino Medical Group.


  • Patients on chronic pain medications must complete appointments with their primary care physician at least twice a year.


  • This standard of care is based on guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and has been approved by the physician’s of San Bernardino Medical Group, Inc.or Disease Control and has been approved by the Physician of San Bernardino Medical Group, Inc.

Pain Management Agreement
Pain Management Agreement (Spanish)
Pain Management Handout