Medical Records

Transferring your records from San Bernardino Medical Group:

You may download our Medical Records Release form-see below, fill it out and fax it us at 909-881-5707.

Medical Records – Transfer from San Bernardino Medical Group

Transferring your records to San Bernardino Medical Group:

If you are a new patient, you will need to complete a medical records release form to have your chart transferred from your previous doctor to San Bernardino Medical Group. Please complete the form soon after you join San Bernardino Medical Group so your physician has your complete medical history. You may download our Medical Records Release Form – fill out the form below and fax or mail to your previous doctor’s office.

Medical Release Form – Transfer records to San Bernardino Medical Group

How do I get a copy of my medical records for myself?

You may request a copy of your medical records (including X-rays, test results, etc.) at any time for your personal records. If you request a copy of your medical information for your own records, you will need to sign a medical records release form and send it to the Medical Records department.

Medical Record Confidentiality

For detailed information describing how your confidentiality is protected, how your health information may be used, and how you can access your medical information, refer to San Bernardino Medical Group’s Notice of Privacy Practices. Our staff has been trained to handle the hundreds of records every day according to the strict regulations that guide how records are organized and provide the highest standards of protection. Read our Privacy Practices Policy.

Disability Paperwork & Family Leave and Medical Act

The Business Office will take care of having your disability and Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) paperwork completed. Please drop off your forms with your portion completed to the Business Office. A $25 fee will be collected prior to completion of forms.  The department will make sure your physician completes your documents. Please allow 7-10 working days for completion of forms. San Bernardino Medical Group will mail the documents for you and will notify you when this has been done. Blank state disability forms are available at the Business Office. If you have questions, call the Business Office at 909-883-8611, Ext. 2508.